consistent approach

Ronnie has had a very consistent approach to the markets over the seven years that I have known him.
His contrarian, value-based approach has added significant value through markets that have been challenging for investors. A distinguishing feature of his approach is his willingness to say “sell” — something that is quite rare and refreshing these days. His service is highly recommended.

Carl Lytollis / Portfolio Manager
Royal Bank of Canada

highly valued

Standpoint Research has been a highly valued contributor to Briefing’s market coverage for many years, over the course of bull and bear markets.

Briefing.com analyst team

18 years

I have known Ronnie for 18 years. His estimates of what would happen during several market cycle events turned out to be surprisingly accurate. Also impressive to me is Ronnie’s wide travel experience, so that his views about developing countries and the rest of world possibilities and opportunities are thus more important than those of others who are simply rehashing work they may have read and not based on their own observations, as Ronnie’s are. This larger and better informed view of the investment world make Ronnie’s service very valuable.

John E. Herzog / Chairman R.M. Smythe
Founder Museum of American Finance
Chairman Emeritus Herzog Heine Geduld

Ronnie’s coverage of the equities market is broad yet thorough

Ronnie’s coverage of the equities market is broad yet thorough. He is known across Wall Street as an analyst who always does his due diligence when digging into a stock. Benzinga readers have appreciated his research for more than five years.

Jason Raznick / Founder and CEO

Max Keiser

I have known Ronnie for years. His forensic/exhaustive approach to research is unparalleled … crypto now has a rock star analyst.

Max Keiser
The Keiser Report


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